Meryl Streep on Fred Schepisi…

From ‘The Australian’, 30 April 2016:

If Streep tends to play female characters she feels a need to defend, then Chamberlain — whose trial by media made her a household name around the world — was ripe for defending. “Yes, I felt that,” Streep nods. “So did (director) Fred Schepisi. Now there’s a person whose yin and yang are beautifully integrated, ­although from the outside he’s a real bloke. He’d stay up all night with Ian Baker the cinematographer and they’d be like, ‘Yeah, mate, we were up til 5am…’ ”

She sways about, talking Strine, waving an imaginary stubbie. “But hidden inside Fred is this very sensitive, thoughtful, feeling female perception of the world. He’s understood visually so much of how I understood perceptions of Lindy. The way the shape of her eyebrows made her face seem ­inexpressive, because they went like this.” She points two fingers down her face in a V-shape. “The way her case marked the first time the news was scored with music. Scary music. Eee-eee-eee.” A sigh. “It’s all about pushing you in an emotional direction.”