Words and Pictures (2013)

dsc9506-copyGolden Globe-winner and Academy Award-nominee Clive Owen (“Closer”) and Academy Award-winner Juliette Binoche (“The English Patient”) star in WORDS AND PICTURES, a romantic drama directed by Fred Schepisi from a script by Gerald DiPego. Golden Globe-winner and Oscar-nominee Bruce Davison (“Longtime Companion”), Navid Negahban (“Homeland”) and five-time Emmy-nominee Amy Brenneman (“Judging Amy”) also star. Curtis Burch and DiPego produce, with Nancy Rae Stone executive producer. Ian Baker (“A Cry in the Dark”) is cinematographer, Academy Award-winner Patrizia Von Brandenstein (“Amadeus”) is production designer, and Academy Award-nominee Peter Honess (“L.A. Confidential”) is editor.

A writer, facing the realization that his talent may have dried up, and an artist, struggling to paint as her body betrays her and literally takes the brushes from her hands, clash at the prep school where they teach and a school-wide war erupts over whether words or pictures are more important.



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Those who can, do. Those who can’t…Jack Marcus (CLIVE OWEN) and Dina Delsanto (JULIETTE BINOCHE) both could – once – but now, the writer and artist each face a devastating struggle that challenges their ability to create.Having shown great promise as an author and poet, Jack is a charismatic English teacher at Croyden, an elite, New England prep school where he lives, breathes and speaks his love of language. The only problem is, he can’t actually write anymore. He’s lost his mojo. Dina is a gifted and acclaimed artist who hasn’t lost her muse. It’s her body that’s betrayed her: rheumatoid arthritis is limiting her physical ability to paint and literally taking the brushes out of her hands. She takes the teaching job at Croyden to support herself and be closer to family, from which she’ll require increasing help.

Dina’s reputation has preceded her. She’s known to be a little cold – at her previous school they called her “The Icicle”. But when Jack meets her, a small spark ignites and he is relentless in his attempt to melt her façade. At every opportunity, he tries to engage her in his perpetual word game. But when he learns the art teacher has told their students that words are “traps” and “lies,” he is hurt to the quick and declares full-out war. The gauntlet for a school-wide competition of words vs. pictures is thrown and students and faculty (BRUCE DAVISON) choose their sides.

While his students adore him, the Croyden administration (NAVID NEGAHBAN, AMY BRENNEMAN) is less than impressed by Jack’s recent performance. His own work hasn’t been published in years, the school literary magazine has grown lackluster, and there are reported incidents of Jack being drunk in public – especially problematic in a small-knit community.

While Jack’s magazine and very job are being threatened, the students at Croyden are alive and energized by the war between words and pictures. Dina is inspired as well, and explores new ways of painting adapted to her physical challenges. And it looks like true romance might blossom between Jack and Dina.

But the symbolic debate of words and pictures becomes a very real one when an image emerges that harms a student (VALERIE TIAN). Dina’s illness takes a turn for the worse and her return to painting meets catastrophic results. And Jack’s drinking problem escalates, threatening his career, family and future. Will words or pictures ultimately prevail, or is something else at stake?

logo_umbrellaKey Cast

Jack Marcus: Clive Owen
Dina Delsanto: Juliette Binoche
Headmaster: Navid Negahban
Walt: Bruce Davidson
Sabine: Janet Kidder
Elsbeth: Ann Brenneman
Tony: Christian Scheider
Emily: Valerie Tian
Swint: Adam Di Marco
Cole: Josh Ssettuba